About Founder

Kriti has worked for Mu Sigma, Ola ANI, and MyGate over the course of her career. She prefers qualitative work to quantitative work, having worked as a Business Analyst and in Product Management. Her persona is distinguished by her perseverance, resilience, prompt response to the challenge, and cheerfulness.

She believes in teamwork and approaches problems with a solution-oriented mindset.

What makes us different!

About Us

Our team is diversified, holding experience and in-depth knowledge in specific domains. This allows our client to be more relaxed while we take care of the detailed requisites of the mandate and paving the path for a long term relationship. We highly believe in building excellence and quality as we focus on precision, to continue raising the trust value for our clients.

Recruitment Strategies

Learn about the innovative recruitment strategies we have implemented to attract and retain the best talent in the industry. We thoroughly analyse market compensation, industry experience, and required certifications before beginning candidate sourcing. Our involvement extends to advising the team in developing an appropriate team pod structure. Every component of this process is made possible by our thorough recruitment strategy, which ensures a harmonious alignment with market standards while also supporting the formation of a strategic team framework.